Our pieces are made of high quality materials sourced from certified suppliers from Italy, Spain, Portugal and France.



First of all, all our pieces are made using OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified fabrics, they are tested for harmful substances plus are made in socially responsible workplaces.


Xtra Life Lycra  on RESET PRIORITY

We ensure durability for our pieces using Xtra Life Lycra® fabrics. This is a technologic fiber designed to provide a long-lasting elasticity which is key for swimwear and lingerie. It resist degradation from chlorinated water, heat and sunscreen lotions up to 10 times longer than non-threated fabrics. This is why RESET PRIORITY´s pieces gives you the just about right and special fit and comfort.


Econyl Fabrics on RESET PRIORITY

More and more fabrics manufacturers are putting an eye on eco-friendly and recycled fabrics. And we´re so happy this is coming! We selected to work with recycled fabrics certified by ECONYL® ,these fabrics from Italy have great characteristics and have a positive impact on nature.
These fabrics employ regenerated nylon coming from fishing nets rescued from the oceans and plastic bottles that would have ended up in landfill. The fashion industry can mark a difference by including these "re-generated" materials right from the design process, we believe that a savy selection today may bring a good change for tomorrow.


Cupro is a regenerated cellulose fiber that is produced by treating cotton cellulose with cuprammonium salt. It is especially known to resemble silk, and is also known as artificial silk.


Cupro fabrics breath like cotton, drapes beautifully, and look and feels like silk on your skin. Just like most other regenerated cellulosic fibers is possess low shrinkage characteristics, as well as good moisture absorbency and wrinkle resistant qualities. It has subtle luster and takes up dye very well – giving rich colored garments. A disadvantage with cupro is that it takes up stains very easily.

Good to know

The actual name for cupro is cuprammonium rayon due to the manufacturing process the cellulose has to go through.


Cupro and Viscose blends are common.


Delicate wash on 40°, using a mild cleaning product. Do not bleach, medium heat iron, can be dry cleaned, do not tumble dry.

RESET PRIORITY swimwear is made for you to jump in the water, feel comfortable, last and all done with a social committment!